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St. JOhn Baptist church

Missions & outreach

Anna Sample House Homeless Shelter

Description: Outreach for Anna Sample Homeless Shelter for Women & Children.

Ministry Leader: Sis. Angela Maddrey

Contact Info:

Christian Cancer Overcomer

Description: A ministry that creates a spiritually supportive environment for those with cancer and cancer survivors.

Ministry Leader: Min. JoAnn Cade 

Contact Info:

The Deacon Jerome "Jay" Mason 

Sunday Dinner: Feeding The Homeless

Description: Feeding the hungry and homeless with warm meals, love and prayer. 

Days & Time: Every Sunday - 1pm 

Location: Meets in the fellowship hall / serves at Broadway & Chestnut in Camden NJ 

Ministry Leader: Sis. Linda Mason & Deac. Darnell Whye  

Contact Info:

Senior Saints Dinner

Description: Honoring our Senior Saints ages 62 and up with delicious meals and warm fellowship.

Days & Time: Every Sunday - 1pm in the fellowship hall. 

Ministry Leader: Deac. Gloria Gilbert 

Contact Info:

Let The Chains Go: Prison Ministry 

Description: Providing support, guidance and information to return citizens and their families. 

Days & Time: Every Monday - 6pm CYDC Room 203

Ministry Leader: Sis. Pam & Bro. Wayne Cooper

Contact Info:

Differently Abled Ministry 


Days & Time:

Ministry Leader: Bro. Kamal Thomas

Contact Info:

A Voice of A Different King 

Ministry Leader: Sis. Joelle Knox

Healing Hearts Ministry


Days & Time:

Ministry Leader: Sis. Tammy Vines

Contact Info:

Annual Bookbag Drive 

Description: Giving away hundreds of book bags, school supplies and encouragement to school aged children in the community. 

Days & Time: Annually 

Ministry Leader: The Light League and Mary and Martha Ministry 

Contact Info:

Elder Care Ministry 

Description: Ministry that focuses on caring for our senior saints 

Days & Time:

Ministry Leader: Sis. Michelle Thomas 

Love & Care Care Package Ministry 

Description: Love Care packages for our members in college and in the military 

Days & Time:

Ministry Leader: Sis. Cheryl Johnson

Contact Info:

Adults in Missions

Ministry Leader: Sis. Margaret Wilson

Sanctified Pen Pal Ministries 

Ministry Leader:Sis. Eddie Mae Cannon

Nursing Home Ministry 

Description: Brining the Joy of the Lord to our local Nursing Homes! 

Ministry Leader: Sis. Bernice Ford 

Someone Who Cares Ministry 

Ministry Leader:Sis. Monique Miller 

Clothing Ministry 

Description: Providing clothes for all ages, children to adults, for those who are in need.

Days & Time:

Ministry Leader: Deaconess Mercedes Pegram 

Contact Info:

Compassionate Friends Ministry 

Description: Grief counseling & support. 

Days & Time: Every 4th Tuesday 6-7:30 PM

Ministry Leader: Cassandra Robinson and Dale Primas Garner

Contact Info:

Food Bank Ministry 

Description: Reaching our community by providing food for families in need! 

Days & Time: Every Third Tuesday 11 am

Ministry Leader: Sis. Alice Booker 

Philabundance Food Bank

Description: St. John Partners with Philabundace to make a huge difference for those in need of food in our community 

Days & Time: Every Tuesday 9am

Ministry Leader: Sis. Alice Booker 

Hospital Ministry


Days & Time:

Ministry Leader: Sis. Sherita Noel 

Contact Info:

Mary & Martha Ministry


Days & Time:

Ministry Leader: Sis. Mary Muse

Contact Info:

International Missions

Description: Shining the Light of Christ through international missions in Egypt, Haiti, Puerto Rico and our brothers around the world. 

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