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St. JOhn Baptist church

music & arts ministries


Adoration Ensemble Ministry 

Sister Jennifer Rossi

Audio Ministry

Ministry Leader: Deacon. Frank Carter

Families in Praise! 

Description: Celebrating Families that sing together, dance together, worship together and praise together! 

Ministry Leader: Sis. Joyce Sanders

Praise & Worship Ministry

Ministry Leader:First Lady Ida Townsend

St. John Children's Choir

Description: Choir for kids ages 3-12

Days & Time: rehearsal Tuesday 6pm

Ministry Leader: Sis. Dressler Smith

Mime Minstry

Days & Time: TBA

Ministry Leader: Sis. Kristen Bryant

Repertoire Drama Ministry 

Ministry Leader: Sis. Ojo Allen 

Youth of Praise Teen Choir


Days & Time: Annually

Ministry Leader: 

Contact Info: 

Video Ministry

Ministry Leader: Bro. Wayne Cooper

Dramatic Arts Ministry 

Ministry Leader: Sis. Jessie Knox

St. John Praise Dance Ministry 

Ministry Leader: Sandra Webb

Senior Choir

Days & Time: Thursdays 6pm

Voices of Faith

Days & Time: Thursdays 7pm

Male Chorus

Days & Time: Wednesdays 6:30pm

Mary Scott Smith Inspiration

Ministry Leader: First Lady Ida Townsend

Combined Choir Rehearsal

Description: St. John's Mass Choir

Days & Time: Thursday's Before the 4th Sunday 

of the month!

Townsend Ensemble

Ministry Leader: Bro. Rob Tyler

Day & Time: Tuesdays 7pm

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