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Reverend Malcolm Morton was born June 9, 1957  in Camden New Jersey to Louise Morton and the late Alonzo Morton.  He grew up in a large family of fifteen siblings and attended Camden Public Schools.  He received his GED in 1981. He is married to the former Lena McDowell and works as a Custodian at Woodrow Wilson High School.


He was an industrious child who liked to draw and found ways to make money by charging for babysitting and running errands.  



Later on life’s journey, he went seeking to fulfill the place in His heart that was void.  He tried Zen Buddhism and found out that it wasn’t the missing link, then tried Taoism. Nothing happened.  Until one day in 1981, his cousin asked him to come to St John Baptist Church with her.  


After attending church for a while, Morton felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit and took the right hand of fellowship and became a member of St. John Baptist Church and baptized in 1989. Before he was born, there was a void placed in his heart along with a curiosity to seek the answer to that void. 


He later joined the Senior Choir and Male Chorus. He was in the first graduating class of the School of Discipleship.  In 2005 the church sent some people to Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary for a weekend.(Now Palmer Theological Seminary)  In 2006 He was called to a leadership role and entered Palmer Theological Seminary to study Christian Studies. He was licensed as a minister, M.I.T., under the direction of Rev. Dr. Silas M. Townsend at St. John Baptist Church, on June 3, 2011.    



I am indeed a sinner won by the winning words of Christ.  

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