Ecclesiaties 4 : 12 (NLT)


 A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.

The Bible plays this theme on repeat "We Are Better Together!"

More now than ever, we need each other! 

More now than ever, we have each other! 

This pandemic has caused a lot of uncertainty, pain and fear but one thing we see is deeper unity within families and even with in the church. 

There has been this global determination to see the Church of God prevail in this time. 

There has been a deeper sensitivity and appreciation of our loved ones and we believe that this level of unity is KEY to prevailing in such an uncertain time. 

Ecclesiaties tells that a person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer! and Three is even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken!! 

Aint that the truth! 

So many times the enemy tries is attack and defeat us in isolation. 

How many of us can admit that when we feel overwhelmed, scared or disappointed we isolate ourselves.

We don't want to talk to anyone, we want to be around anyone. But often that's exactly where the enemy wants us to be!

Alone, where no one can combat his lies with The Truth of God's Word. 

But when we stand together, even in the face of discouragement, we have the power to encourage each other, to bring clarity and to usher the presence of The Holy Spirit into our situations! (When TWO or THREE are gathered together in His Name, He is in the midst of them! Matthew 18:20) 

And this goes for those who may be physically alone during this time of quarantine! The power of Unity transcends past the walls of our homes, hospitals, and rehab centers. When we stand together via phone call, text, and zoom.. when we stand together in prayer, devotion and worship.. we are NEVER alone!! 

I dont know about yall, but I'm grateful for technology. That I can still study the word with my loved ones and church family via the church's website! That I can still call and FaceTime my loved ones and encourage them! And that I can tune in every Sunday in unity with my honeycomb family to give God praise!! 

I'm also grateful that prayer travels where we can not! 

That the spirit of God IS NOT quarantined what so ever!!

Praise God for a God who is everywhere!! 

Today we rejoice in the unity that God has given us!

We thank Him that we are surrounded with His love and His global family, even in the times that we feel alone. 

The enemy will not defeat us, saints!

We are better together!

Today, more than any other time, we embrace the POWER OF UNITY!

In Jesus Name! 


Today is the last day of our 3 day Bible Study Challenge! 

Take a few moments and discuss with your challenge partners what stood out to you the most in your time praying and believing with them! 

After you guys reflect on your time together. 

We challenge you to play some worship music in the background. 

(if you're doing this challenge via FaceTime or Zoom we recommend only one person play worship music at a time lol) 

Take a few moments to pray with each other.

Each of you can take turns. 

Allow yourselves to have the opportunity to worship together. 

Be free! 

Invite the Spirit of God in your homes, your kitchens and your time together! 

We pray that God has his way!!! 

Well guys! That's it for our very first Church Wide- Online Bible Study Challenge !

We pray it was a blessing to you guys!

Please give us your feedback below! 

We are looking forward to having more Bible Study Challenges and of course we want to improve as we continue! 

Your feedback would be so helpful in that! 

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